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Does your child dream of visiting a magical world, where spells and enchantments come to life? Have they seen every Harry Potter movie, read each book and begged you to brave the crowds at Universal Studios?

Be the hero in their magical journey by booking a Wizarding School Portrait Experience at Crystal Lee Photography. Their one-of-a-kind portrait experience begins the moment you walk through our doors!

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The process:

1. Reserve your session

First things first... click the yellow signup button! This will take you to the application form to fill out so that we can contact you to schedule your session and make sure this is the right experience for your child.

A session fee of $95 will be required to reserve your portrait experience. This will also guarantee your FREE WAND!

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2. We will call you!

We will text you within 24 business hours to schedule a call to go over the details and set up a time for your child's wizarding experience.

On this call I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We'll also find out which house your child is in!

3. The magic begins!

After confirming your session date and time, prepare for a truly unique portrait adventure with your child. Their acceptance letter to Wizarding School will be sent through "owl post" within a week, marking the beginning of their magical journey!

Rest assured, your child will love transforming into a wizard during their portrait session. They will talk about this experience for years to come!

4. Order and Enjoy

We will meet again at the studio in 2 weeks for a cinematic image reveal where you will select and purchase your favorite Wizarding School Portraits.

Once these enchanting portraits are showcased your home, your young wizard will beam with delight every time they glance at them, instantly transported back to the magical day they became a wizard! 

What comes with your Wizarding Portrait Experience?

Your $95 session fee includes:

Welcome Packet

Your child's wizarding experience begins with the arrival of our welcome packet via "Owl Post". This fun packet contains their welcome letter to wizarding school and so much more!

Free wand

Your child will choose a wand (or will the wand choose them?)

Use of costumes

We have robes and ties representing all houses in a variety of sizes. Do you know your house or will the sorting hat decide?

40 minute session

A unique interactive portrait experience where your child will be able to put to use a variety of wizarding skills on each of our 3 uniquely styled sets.

A cinematic reveal

In just 2 weeks you’ll return for your viewing & ordering appointment! We will help you select your favorite images with our specialty software and guide you in creating and purchasing your perfect portrait collection. 

Families typically invest $500-1200 on their finished artwork.


Watch our behind the scenes video

for a peek at the magic

Important info before you book:

Glass and magical components like dry ice will be used in the creation of these images, therefore only well-behaved wizards can attend Wizarding School. If you do not feel your child can handle the smoke and special effects, or if they are of toddler-age, please consider reserving a different themed portrait session throughout the year. 


"Watching my 11-year-old daughter's eyes light up as she selected her very own wand and mixed potions was something we'll never forget.

Our kids grow so fast, and this experience assured me that despite the challenges of adolescence (and middle school!), there are ways to keep that sense of childhood wonder alive.

It was more than just taking some fun pictures... it was a much needed reminder that my oldest child's journey towards adulthood doesn't have to mean leaving the magic behind!"

- Crystal

About Your Photography Team

Meet Crystal & Ryan

Once upon a time,

a Wizard and a Jedi fell in love... 

Ok, saying that out loud has me in a fit of giggles! But really, what a joy it is to be able to nerd out and celebrate all things fun and magical with someone you love. ✨ 

If your home is one that revels in magical beasts, lightsaber battles, trips to the Shire and quests to rid the world (or the galaxy) of evil forces, then you've come to the right place! Together we've created an experience for your child that allows their imagination to run wild. 

The Wizarding School Experience awaits you, promising a magical day filled with extraordinary moments.


We solemnly swear that we are up to no good

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