Cathrine & Dustin's Engagement & Trash The Dress Session!

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Cathrine & Dustin’s Engagement & Trash The Dress Session!

May 7, 2018

“In their early thirties both mine and my fiancee’s mom decided to return to college for their degree in nursing, where they met each other. They soon became good friends and our families began to take camping trips together, I was around 10 years old and Dustin 12 when we first met. We despised each other, he thought I was a brat and I thought he was a “dumb boy.” (Although, I secretly had a crush on him!) Fast forward to 2009, I was 14 and Dustin 16. Our families had gotten busy and fallen out of touch. It was in February 2009 that our story really began. My older brother had just passed away and Dustin’s family came to show their sympathies at his visitation. Two days later I got a text message from Dustin, for about 3 months we texted all the time with each other. It was in late April that our mom’s had decided to rent a cabin and both of our families would go camping again, just like old times. That camping trip was all it took, after that weekend Dustin and I were inseparable and began officially dating on 5/5/2009.”

We did their engagement/trash the dress session 3 days before the wedding and I had an absolutely blast hanging out with them!! It’s so wonderful to have this time to get to know my clients before the big day arrives. We spent some time photographing around Atalaya Castle and then headed onto the beach for sunset. Cathrine had a beautiful dress handmade that she could take into the water for some really fun photos!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our evening together. 

Stay tuned for images from their beautiful wedding at North Beach Plantation & 21 Main!

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