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Yup… We put a ring on it!

Nov 16, 2016

I met the love of my life on During a free trial. On the first day.

And then, about 2 weeks ago… this happened.

Pokeball proposal

No, he didn’t propose with a Poke-ball… but that would have been hilarious!! This is my ring though, isn’t it gorgeous?!

It’s an amazing feeling, especially for a single Mom, when someone comes along and fits into your life so easily. Like he was always meant to be there. When you know… you just know. We’ve been talking about marriage for a while and decided that it was the time to make it official. The timing just felt right. So we went to the mall, had a romantic lunch in the food court and then headed to Kay Jewelers.

But… how to announce it to our family and friends? The world doesn’t seem to understand the idea of an engagement happening without some elaborate Notebook-inspired, Pinterest-worthy proposal, so we had to make it fun. Cheesy “proposal” photos on the beach? Ok!

(PS- I highly advise against trying to take your own engagement photos. I thought I was being smart… I was wrong. #stressful #awkward)

Of course for us marriage means bringing together a family. And this is where that Pinterest-worthy proposal comes in. 😉

I get a ring, he gets a ring… it’s only fair that Maddie gets something too! So we chose a beautiful blue necklace (her favorite color) and Ryan asked for her blessing. She’s quite excited that “the 3 of us” are getting married!

We thought it would be fun to take it a step further and announce our engagement to our family and friends with a video. Interviewing a 4 year old about her thoughts on marriage was quite amusing!

Special thanks go out to our dear friends Robyn & Madison for helping out and contributing some video clips of the “proposal” for us!

Now it’s time to start wedding planning… according to my app from TheKnot I’ve only got 326 days to go! And yes, I will definitely be hiring a photographer to take some “real” engagement photos. 😉

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