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Goodbye DVD’s! | Cloud Delivery with PASS

Apr 28, 2013

Technology is amazing these days, isn’t it? On my last road trip to New York, I was sitting in the car answering emails, in the middle of nowhere… from my phone. I can pay my bills… from my phone. I can surf the entire web and take photos and video… from my phone. The only thing I don’t actually do on my phone? Call people. 😉

Now you can also download and share your portrait or wedding images… right from your phone or tablet! PASS makes it possible.

I know what some people are thinking… “But what about my disk of photos?” Well, it’s a sad fact that CD’s and DVD’s are a dying technology. (Remember floppy disks?) The newest computers on the market don’t even have disk drives in them, (Thank you, Apple) and most digital purchases made online are delivered via download. As a photographer it is my job to stay on top of technology to make sure that my clients are not receiving outdated products.

With PASS, not only can you download your entire gallery straight to your computer, but your images are stored safely in the ‘cloud’ for years to come! The super sleek online gallery makes it so easy to download your photos, create a folder of your favorites, share them on social media sites, and soon you’ll even be able to order prints!

And now for the fun part… PASS on the go! You can view your gallery from any smartphone by going to your unique gallery link in your phone’s browser. The galleries have been specifically designed to work flawlessly with your smartphone or tablet device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can even create your own ‘app’ by saving your gallery link right to your home screen!

Effective immediately, all of my clients that purchase digital images will receive a super fabulous PASS gallery. That means no more waiting around for your disk to be ordered, burned and shipped to you… when your photos land online, they’ll be ready for you to download and share right away!

I’ll say it again… technology is pretty amazing, isn’t it? 😉

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