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Isla’s Wonderland Themed Cake Smash Session

Jul 5, 2021

Sweet Isla is turning ONE!! We celebrated this huge milestone in the studio with a fun Wonderland tea party-themed cake smash. This gorgeous background from Baby Dream Backdrops matched her party invitations perfectly!

The “ONE-derland” theme has become very popular for first birthdays and I love that there are so many ways to make it unique. For Isla, Mom wanted her set to be focused mainly on the tea party, instead of the traditional Alice characters.

Even though some of my backgrounds come fully decorated there are still creative ways to make it special for each session. In this case, I added in some white boxes, greenery, florals, and lighted ONE letters for some added pizzaz. The beautiful tea set you see in the background of these images was a gift from Grandma, which was the perfect finishing touch.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from Isla’s cake smash. She has such a vibrant personality and made this whole experience so much fun!

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Here we do FUN. We do COLOR. And we CELEBRATE like no one else.

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Here we do FUN. We do COLOR.
And we CELEBRATE like no one else.

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