Crystal Lee 


Thank you so much for your contribution to our event! Your pet portrait session will take place in my beautiful 1,750 sq ft portrait studio in Murrells Inlet. Below are some tips for making the most of this fun and unique portrait session. 

Unleashed Pet Session Preparation

how to prepare

I am so excited to photograph your fur-baby! Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session:

- Pets really shine when bathed & brushed a day or two before a session. 

 - A few hours prior to your session, make sure you take your pet out for a good run or a long walk. This helps bring down some of the excess energy. 

 - While I have a ready supply of biscuits and treats for use during our session, please feel free to bring any treats that your pet enjoys. I've seen people bring in a variety of snacks, like carrots, hot dogs, cheese and even whipped cream!

 - If there is a special toy that your pet loves, you can bring that to your session as well. 

 - My sessions are scheduled back to back, so it is very important that you arrive on time. There are no refunds or time extensions for late arrivals. 

- Be prepared to get involved! I'll start off interacting and attempting to pose the dog on my own, but in most cases you will need to step in and help get your pet in place on the backdrop 

***IMPORTANT: If you have more than two pets included in your session then it is very important that you bring someone to assist you during the session. Things can get crazy really quickly with multiple animals in the studio so having an extra set of hands is something I must insist on for these sessions.