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6 Reasons To Choose An In-Studio Newborn Photo Session

Dec 1, 2022

Often times I’m asked “Will you do newborn portraits in our home?” and I completely understand why.

As parents it can be a stressful thing to take your brand new baby out into the world, especially in current times. This is why trust should be one of the biggest factors in choosing the best newborn photographer for your family.

There are a number of local photographers that offer in-home lifestyle sessions, but the posed portrait experience that I offer is best done in a dedicated studio space. Let me explain why.

Why You Should Consider Having Your Newborn Portrait Session Done In A Professional Photography Studio

You don’t have to clean your house!

Let’s be a real… you just brought home a brand-new baby, your sleep schedule is off, and your house is littered with diapers, wipes, and other random newborn accessories. And do we really want to talk about the status of the laundry or the dishes?

Coming to my studio means that you don’t have to “entertain” anyone, rearrange your furniture, or worry about keeping pets locked away. Once you walk through my doors you can sit back and relax, do some uninterrupted social media scrolling or maybe even catch a few zzz’s.

I want to make this experience as stress-free as possible for my clients, because you have enough to worry about.

The studio is fully sanitized

Your baby’s safety is my number one concern. While studio cleanliness has always been a priority, I have been taking extra steps for your health as well as my own since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You also don’t have to worry about someone bringing germs into your home. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that you are bringing your sweet new baby into a safe, clean space.

Access to props & accessories

All of the props, fabrics, and accessories I need to customize your session are easily accessible. This means no lugging a ton of buckets and posing equipment into your home, and no risk of me forgetting to bring something important!

Because I have a wide open shooting space, I will also have all of your sets fully styled and prepared before you arrive. This would easily add 90 minutes or more to your session time if it were being done in your home.

Climate control

For a newborn session, the temperature will need to be between 76-80 degrees, depending on your session type. (The higher temperature is necessary for poses where baby is unclothed.)

Instead of heating your entire home, you can relax in my studio that has a split air system. The front room will be set the temperature needed to keep your newborn comfortable, while the back half (where the bathroom is) will be cooler.

Lighting control

As a studio photographer, I do not rely on natural light for my sessions. This means no rescheduling your indoor session just because it’s gloomy outside! (Yes, I’ve seen it happen before.)

Rain or shine, I have a variety of lighting gear to achieve consistent, professional results for all of my photo sessions.

A studio designed with you in mind

I photograph maternity, newborns, and babies up to one year old in my studio. This means that every inch of this 1750 sq ft space has been designed with you and your little one in mind. It has all of the amenities that a new family needs, from props and backdrops to burp cloths and breast pads.

I’ll also note that my studio is one of the few legally operating portrait studios along the Grand Strand. Horry County does not allow in-home portrait studios. In fact, to get a county business license you need to go through zoning and confirm that customers do not enter your home at all. The only option is to have a retail or office space that has been zoned for commercial use.

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If you are expecting a little one, I would love the chance to create beautiful portraits for you to cherish for years to come. Head on over to the newborn page to learn more about what my studio has to offer. I look forward to meeting you and your growing family!

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