Sydni & Ethan's Conway Riverwalk Engagement Session

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Sydni & Ethan’s Conway Riverwalk Engagement Session

Apr 27, 2016

I am so excited to share Sydni & Ethan’s engagement portraits with you! This past weekend we spent some time at the Conway Riverwalk. The weather was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing couple to work with. I don’t think we stopped laughing the entire time! I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the biggest event in their lives.

Sydni & Ethan’s love is so beautiful… I hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired me. 🙂

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Here is the story of Ethan’s perfect proposal, in Sydni’s words:

         “Ethan proposed at the Kalmia Gardens in Hartsville, SC, the town he was born and raised in. Last summer I visited he and his family for a day while his dad was sick in the hospital. For him to catch some fresh air, we went to the gardens for the first time together and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. We had fun taking pictures and talking with each other. Right before we left, we took a picture together in two rocking chairs on the front porch of a historic house there. it happened to be our favorite picture we had ever taken together, and we laugh now because as he went to put his arm around me for that picture he accidentally hit me in the face. We ended up framing that picture for each other this Christmas without knowing, so it became even more special to us. When we drove up to the gardens on that beautiful sunny Sunday, he led me to the front of the house (his hand was shaking, I might add) and as we walked up the side walk there were picture frames with all of our favorite dates in them. They were surrounded by flower pedals and I could feel myself getting more and more excited because this was the moment I always dreamed of.

As we walked up the steps at the house, he had the two rocking chairs set up and in the middle was our favorite picture set up on a table sitting in those same chairs. As I saw the chairs I looked over and he got down on one knee, professing his love for me, how I had been a blessing in his life, and how beautiful I was to him, finally asking if I would marry him. I honestly couldn’t even speak so I just nodded my head yes with excitement and he put the gorgeous ring on my finger. I then noticed a camera set up next to us and I knew my parents had to be hiding somewhere. Sure enough I look around the corner and my parents had been hiding on the side of the house! I walked up to hug them and the joy in their faces was so sweet to see. After I greeted them, Ethan’s parents and sister walked up! They had been hiding in the bushes in front of the house and his sister was taking pictures. It was such a sweet moment and all of us shared in our joy, then walked around and took more pictures in the garden. I was speechless most of the time, but I couldn’t have been happier to say yes to the man my heart always desired.

Was I surprised? Honestly no. We had talked about rings in January then he slowly stopped talking about it altogether! I knew it was coming and when he asked me to go to the gardens I knew that must be it! I remember looking at my hand the night before and thinking “this might be the last night I go to sleep without a ring on my finger.” I guessed right! I prayed that night before and thanked God once again for sending me such an amazing man who loves me for me.”

myrtle beach wedding photographer conway engagement session

myrtle beach wedding photographer conway engagement session

myrtle beach wedding photographer conway engagement session

 I can’t wait to join Sydni & Ethan for their wedding this fall at Hidden Acres. Sydni is going to make a stunning bride!

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