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Phoenix & Pheorra | A Kitten Rescue Story

Jul 30, 2019

These two sweet kittens came from a litter of 5, found in an outdoor shed connected to a local Walmart. My sister, pet lover extraordinaire and certified veterinary assistant, was one of the people that found them and couldn’t bear to leave them outside in the 100+ degree summer heat. Our local animal shelters are always at max capacity this time of year so instead of adding to the influx of animals they receive everyday she took two of the kittens home to foster and the other three went to separate homes.

Of course I use the word “foster” loosely… these babies were in her home for maybe 24 hours before they became part of the family. After a vet trip to clear up their respiratory infections and fleas it was determined they were about 2 weeks old. Raising kittens this young is similar to taking care of a newborn baby… bottle feeding every two hours, helping them use the bathroom and making sure they stay warm.

Of course when I saw them I knew right away I had to photograph them!! Once they were healthy they came to the studio for their first ever photoshoot. They’re about 4 weeks old now and love two things: wrestling with each other and snuggling with their Mama.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my favorite images!

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